Zip Flyer

Honestly, there is no dictionary invented to describe the nerve wrecking views and experiences of zip flying in Nepal. It needs a huge potency and fortitude to dare about the activity. Moving down in the speed of 120 km/hr and all-encompassing sights of Machhapuchre and Annapurna range (Himalayas) in the front and Seti River below, can simply be a matter of feel and experience. Here in the article we present all that you would wish to know about zip flying in Nepal.

Pokhara: The Zip Fying Capital

Pokhara is considered the hub of zip flying in the nation. The process of plumb down to at least about 2000 feet down from Sarangkot, covering a path of about a couple of kilometers is simply adrenaline as an experience. Well, the views those are experienced through the pursuit is also something the rock nerves deserve.

Starting point: Sarangkot (1625 m)
Ending Point: Hemja (960 m)
Distance: 1.8 km (1.12 miles)
Vertical distance: 610 m (2000 ft)
Maximum speed: 120 km/hr ( 75 mph)

A much more technical these days

Earlier, special techniques were needed for a successful landing. However, the latest magnetic systems can put breaks immediately. The guides over here take complete care throughout the quest. Especially, while getting down, a couple of the trainers welcome you at the ground fulfilling the post journey formalities.


One needs to be fulfilling the requisite physical parameters for such expeditions.

One has to carry a minimum weight of 75 pound (35 kg), the maximum extent of which is 275 pounds (125 kg).
Those who are having spinal or collar issues are not allowed for such rides. The pregnant ladies can’t also take the chance of enjoying such rides.
Those with symptoms of Acrophobia (fear when exposed to height) are not allowed.
Age should be above 14 years.